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In 2005, my husband and I saw a spectacular sunset in the eastern Sierras near Lone Pine, California. The sunset began as a white shaft of sunlight piercing down through dark gray clouds and lighting up the desert. As the sun began to set behind the mountains, the shaft of light travelled across the valley floor up toward the mountains. As the sun dipped behind the skyline, a spray of yellow and orange light fanned out from the sun, pointing upward into the clouds. The orange became pink and then a vivid smoldering red. The red glow gradually faded into the dark gray storm clouds. We felt we had glimpsed the glory of God and we wanted to share it with others.

You can see that sunset in this video:

We feel that each photo opportunity is a special gift. When we take a close look at nature, we see reminders of God's greatness and love. We enjoy combining our love for God's creation with our appreciation for God's word, the Bible. Seeing His greatness and knowing His love for us makes us want to worship Him more.

We hope you will worship with us as you view the photos and reflect on the verses.

About Hosanna Loh

Hosanna began taking photos after enrolling in a photography class in elementary summer school. Her parents enrolled her in private art lessons at a young age and encouraged an appreciation for fine art. Hosanna became an avid photographer after accompanying her brother and uncle on several photo expeditions. Hosanna's appreciation for worship comes from her love of worship music.

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